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Sundae dishes

We combine our wide variety of flavours into typical and funny sundae dishes, always with a good taste.

  • Strawberry with cream: Natural strawberries with whipped cream.
  • Macedoine: Fruit macedoine, whipped cream and strawberry, blackberry and mango ice creams.
  • Moka: Coffee ice cream, cream ice cream and chocolate syrup.
  • Jijonenca: Nougat ice cream, whipped cream, honey and nougat bits.
  • Málaga: Rum ice cream with raisins and dates, cream-walnuts and cream-natural raisins.
  • Junior: Single scoop (you can choose the flavour).
  • Variada: Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice creams.
  • Crocanti: Vanilla and chocolate ice creams with whipped cream.
  • Tropic: Coconut ice cream with fruit, lemon sorbet and natural pineapple.
  • Melba: Vanilla and chocolate ice creams with peach in syrup and whipped cream.
  • Trufada: Chocolate and stracciatella ice creams with whipped cream.
  • Arcoiris: Orange, strawberry, pistachio nut, fruit, chocolate and blackberry ice creams with whipped cream.
  • Banana split: Natural banana, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate with whipped cream and natural strawberries.
  • Leche merengada: Milk drink with cinnamon and lemon skin.
  • Tres sabores: milk drink with cinnamon ice cream, vanilla and chocolate with whipped cream.
  • Pitufo: Blue ice and strawberry ice creams with whipped cream and chocolate.
  • Sorbets: Lemon or orange.
  • Iced drinks: Lemon, orange or coffee.
  • Milkshakes: Of any of the flavours we have, with or without whipped cream.

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